Who We Are

At Kallas & Co. we love life, people and our work. From inception to conception and beyond and with great passion, innovation, and excellence, we embrace our responsibility in being the ecosystem for passionate entrepreneurs in growing their innovative visions and developing their dreams successfully to fruition.

Our mission is to create a better business world by developing an ecosystem for individuals and companies that have created branded consumer goods or retail service based businesses that desire a strategic partner in helping incubate, operate, promote or fund their business endeavors.

We use our collective human professional experience and combine it with inanimate technological advancement to deliver the best business resources you can find under one roof, so that wherever you are in the world, we can help you in the process of development.

Because we live and breathe innovation, we identify team members as “Innovators”. Our Innovators are diverse professionals experienced in a broad array of industries who believe in our mission and in making a difference in the business world with the solutions that we offer. We take much time and effort in finding the best workforce and providing continuous training and motivation. We take great pride in our team of Innovators worldwide to ensure that they have the best possible jobs.

From the inside-out, Kallas & Co. creates an inspiring and fulfilling workplace for our team member Innovators, develops strong relationships with our carefully selected Partners, and works alongside amazing Visionaries to achieve unique, purposeful, and extremely productive business outcomes.

We are excited by the opportunity to partner with you. If you have any questions about what we do or who we work with, we invite you to stop by any of our offices, call us, or email us!