We believe that no matter what economic changes may occur, the strength of your team is what equates to your success. However, finding the right human capital to support you in your endeavors is not any easy task. Our operation arm helps reduce the time and money it takes to get your back office operations done by redefining the way people work through outsourcing and managing with a virtual team. We operate infrastructure and business processes on your behalf to help improve your productivity and performance.

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Types of Operation Support


Order Fulfillment
Customer Service
Administrative Support


Financial Analysis

Human Resources

Handbooks & Training
Payroll Processing
Employee Satisfaction
Employee Reviews

Executive Consulting


How Does It Work?

Kallas & Co. has developed a unique method of finding, sifting, and managing top talent from all over the globe in order to achieve your desired outcome. We become an Extension of your physical team and your go-to virtual Workforce provider in finding the human resources necessary to get the job done. We offer solutions for specific business functions, such as Workflow, Accounting, Human Resources, and high-level Executive Consulting.

Our approach connects clients to the best talent on a global basis and across industry sectors for technical and non-technical needs to get any job done and help run, support, and grow your business. We create an Extended Workforce at a flat cost so that you can take charge of your overhead and never again pay for non-productive or mystery hours.

By having an operation arm at your beck and call, you are able to focus on your core vision and mission to achieve success. Just provide us the desired outcome, and we will put together the Virtual Workforce necessary to achieve those results. We will find the best, provide the tools, training, motivation, and support necessary to help fulfill your needs temporarily or permanently, and by working with your existing team, or by creating the whole team itself.

Step One
Tell Us Your Needs

Provide us some basic details about your project or needs. We work with you to get the description just right and then match you with the team members who are available and have the skills to complete and manage your tasks.

Step Two
Receive A Plan

Within 48 hours, you will receive a plan that will include the scope of work and the flat rate cost for the workforce. You can decide to have a month-to-month or per project agreement with us. You will never be tied to the workforce for longer
than needed.

Step Three
We Become Your
Extended Workforce

As soon as we are mutually in agreement with our workforce agreement, we get to work immediately!

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