We want to help bring to life your products, services, and inventions by providing you the infrastructural strategy necessary to develop and deliver winning outcomes. No matter how long your business has existed, we want to partner with you to offer innovative value driven solutions, work collaboratively to launch new ventures, and build lasting results.

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How Does It Work?

Kallas & Co. believes that the success of a business is destined upon the reliance of both its leading Visionaries and individual team members. Similar to a child in his/her early stages of development depending on his/her parents to set a strong foundation of values and ethics, a business depends on all who are members in the development and execution of its services or products so that it becomes a formidable force for the indefinite future.

At the same time, in order to achieve business excellence, a business must continually withstand the woes of the rapidly evolving business climate.

Our methodology of combining human expertise, creativity, and technology translates into the type of collaboration we provide. What your needs are will vary depending on where your business or product is at in development and the human capital that is already involved.

Presently, we are focused on providing solutions in four overarching ways by combining technological platforms with human intelligence to be your resource in supporting your business by finding skilled human capital, monetary capital, working spaces, and helping develop your business with niche marketing and promotion options.

Our business incubator focuses exclusively on
branded consumer products and retail companies
in the following categories:

Beauty & Accessories
Educational Products & Toys
Electronic & Accessories
Fashion & Accessories
Personal Care
Pet Products
Sporting Goods
Toys & Games