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The Innovator Advocator: Krochet Kids intl.

Please tell us a little more about Krochet Kids intl.

Our mission is to empower others to rise above poverty. We are a lifestyle brand as well as a non-profit organization, and every product we make is hand-signed by the person who made it. We work with at-risk women in both Uganda and Peru creating apparel, accessories, and headwear for men, women, and children. In addition to consistent employment, the women we work with also receive one-on-one mentorship and education.

What made the founders want to start it?

Our founders Travis, Kohl, and Stewart began Krochet Kids intl. as three high school friends who learned how to crochet and created their own small business selling crocheted hats to friends and family. While traveling and volunteering in developing nations, they saw an opportunity to take this trade to the women of Northern Uganda. By teaching them how to crochet, they would become self-sufficient and no longer rely on outside aid. They would be empowered to rise above poverty, forever.

What is the future goal for KKi?

Our vision is to create sustainable economic development programs that support holistic growth of individuals and communities living in poverty. We aim to inspire the knowledge of a generation about their ability to bring change to a world that is in need.

What have been the most satisfying moments of the journey in creating KKi?

The most satisfying moments come from seeing the women we work with achieving their goals and dreams. Whether that means being able to provide for her family or start her own business, our goal is to not just see these strong, capable women survive, but thrive.

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