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Introducing The Innovator Advocator

You are the Innovator; We are The Innovator Advocator.

Part of our mission has and always will be our commitment to creating a better business world by developing an ecosystem for passionate entrepreneurs. In order to continue fulfilling this piece of our mission, we feel that one of our guiding values needs to be highlighted: Innovation.

Innovation truly is at the center of everything we do and is at the center of who we are. In fact, our internal team members are even named “Innovators” to continue promoting an atmosphere of movement and forward-thinking. In addition to innovation being in our heart and soul, we ensure that this value is instilled in all those with whom we have the pleasure of working with.

Thus, all of this culminated into wanting to create an online zone where innovative products and brands could be featured. A place where consumers can come to look at the newest, most forward-thinking brands, that all have a very concrete purpose, mission, and vision. Additionally, it could be a place where entrepreneurs who are thinking about creating a brand of their own could gain insight from those who were successful in doing so and look at advice that they would’ve gave to their past self. Therefore, we’d love to introduce to you all this new place we are fittingly calling The Innovator Advocator.

Each week, we will be featuring awesome products and brands from around our community that are doing good in some way. The feature will be in an interview format, which will help you to get to know more about the individuals who created the company, the company itself, and more insight into what it takes to run a successful brand. The first post will launch this Friday, March 11, 2016, with new posts every Friday thus after.

Do you feel like your product and brand is a perfect candidate for this series? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

We truly cannot be more excited for this new online series that we are creating. We hope that you find it inspiring, motivating, and a good place to find out about new and exciting products.

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