We are committed to creating a better business world by developing an ecosystem for passionate entrepreneurs that desire a partner to Incubate, Operate, Promote, and Fund their branded consumer goods or retail service based business endeavors.


We want to partner with you to offer innovative value driven solutions, work collaboratively to launch new ventures, and build lasting results.


Our business world has greatly evolved. Brick and mortar offices are from the past. Overhead costs are increasing rapidly. Attracting and retaining top talent is becoming very challenging. Consequently, starting and sustaining enthusiasm for your business, as well as for your vision is tremendously difficult. No worries though, we can help you!


We provide targeted solutions for promoting your brand to add value, increase awareness, and connect you to customers.


Because we know that money plays a significant role in starting and sustaining a business, Kallas & Co. has created partnerships with funding lenders to provide the capital necessary to fulfill your financial needs.